A Lesson On Saving Money On Gas

My license plate was due to be renewed by the end of April. I’m a procrastinator, so I didn’t do it before the end of the month. In fact, it is the 15th of May and I still haven’t done it. But on my behalf, I did try to on Saturday but there were around 30 people in line and I didn’t have time to wait that long. So, as a result I have been forced to drive the speed limit because in the off chance that I get pulled over for speeding I’d also get a ticket for the expired tag.

Up until the first of May, I was having to gas up my little economy car twice a week. That is not the case anymore. Now, I can get to work and back with only one fill-up a week. Amazing! Driving slower really does use less gas. The speed limit here is 65, but I was going closer to 80 before my tags expired.

Here are some additional gas saving tips to help you cut some costs:

  1. Use www.fuelcostcalculator.com to check gas prices and see how much you will need if you’re taking a road trip.
  2. Plan your trips for errands so that you can avoid wasting gas by driving to the same area more than once a week. For me, I decided to only to my grocery shopping, which is 15 miles away, once a week. Not only is this saving gas, but it’s saving grocery money as I only have one chance to impulse shop now!
  3. Sign up for MyPoints and redeem your rewards points for gas gift cards. (If you want a referral, drop me a comment)
  4. Buy your gas in the morning, and not on weekends. I have noticed 2 things over the past month. Gas prices are always higher when I come home from work as opposed to when I am heading to work. And gas always seems to go up on Friday and not come back down in price until Monday.
  5. Try www.gasbuddy.com or www.aaa.com to look for lowest priced gas in your area.
  6. When you are getting gas and the pump clicks off, turn the handle abour 180 degrees. This gets the gas that is still in the handle to go into your tank. How many times have you pulled the handle out of your car only to have gas drip on your car or the ground? Don’t waste it, put it in your tank!
  7. Check your tire pressure
  8. Check and see if your air filter needs replaced. Ditto on the fuel filter.
  9. Rotate the tires and get an alignment if you need one.
  10. Commute or take public transportation if you can.
  11. Don’t accelerate quickly from a stop!
  12. Remove excess weight from your car. Do you really need those boxes and other junk you’re carrying around in the back of your car? Hauling that extra weight around takes more gas, which means more money!
  13. Accelerate before a hill so you can coast down the other side.
  14. Make sure your gas cap in on tight! When I was younger I actually left a gas cap on top of my car at a fillup and didn’t realize it until a week or so later when my parked car had no gas in it. It had evaporated!
  15. Use cruise control when you’re on the interstate.
  16. Remember that Sam’s and Costco might not have the cheapest gas, even after their member’s discount. The Shell station across the street from my Sam’s Club is $0.02 cheaper per gallon, even with my Sam’s Club member discount.

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