Stupid Money Mojo: Ditch Your Laptop For iPad Cause It’s Heavy?

A few weeks ago, I had to call Verizon Wireless to cancel service for a MiFi device that I was no longer in need of. What should have been an easy cancellation call turned into increasingly ridiculous reasons as to why I should keep the account open and get a new iPad from Verizon.

Reason #1

If I cancel the account, then I’ll have to pay a new activation fee if I need an account again. Then, the rep added that I could add an iPad to the account instead and keep the account open that way. I told the rep that I saw no reason to need an account again.

Reason #2

I don’t even have to pay in full for the retail price for the iPad upfront! Upon hearing (again) that I had no need for an iPad, the rep then asked if I wouldn’t like to first check with a family member as they might want to avoid having to pay an activation fee on an iPad. Again, I told her “no thanks.”

Reason #3

Don’t you want a bigger screen for Candy Crush? No, no I don’t because I don’t play Candy Crush or any other games like it. This apparently baffled the rep for a moment. Then, she asked didn’t I ever go to Starbucks? Yes, I do. Then, she asked if I sat there and what did I do. I advised her that I drink coffee there. And sometimes, I take my laptop to get some writing done. This was followed up with her most ridiculous reason of all…

Reason #4

Isn’t that laptop heavy? Why don’t you get an iPad instead so you don’t gotta carry around that heavy old laptop.
nake gun facepalm
This is when I told her that I use the laptop to get in my strength training exercises. Thankfully, the iPad upsell was finally over and I am still using my heavy old laptop.

But it made me wonder – does that line about laptops being too heavy really work on people?

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