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16 Best Tutoring Companies To Work For (Plus 6 TESL Online Teaching Jobs)

Do you have a knack for explaining things?

Online teaching and tutoring may be a good fit for you, especially if you have some related experience.

Even without experience, there are opportunities available!

Read to learn more about the best tutoring companies to work for and what you need to get started.

16 Best Work From From Tutoring Companies

1. Aim4A

Aim4A Tutoring hires part-time and full-time tutors to work with kids around the world.

Tutors use Skype to connect with their students.

The site offers assistance in setting up the whiteboard software they provide for free.

  • Employee feedback: There is limited information about the work culture or employee opinions.
  • Grade range of students: Elementary through college
  • Minimum requirements: Bachelor’s degree, excellent verbal and written English Language skills, some teaching experience

2. Brainfuse

Brainfuse offers a broader range of services, including resume services and support for veterans.

Tutors can help with test prep, including the SAT, ACT, GED, and US Citizenship test.

  • Employee feedback: Working for the company seems to be a mixed bag with some employees loving the experience and others disappointed in the lack of support and growth opportunities.
  • Grade range of students: Kindergarten through college and beyond
  • Minimum requirements: Bachelor’s degree and prior teaching or tutoring experience

3. Chegg

Chegg offers online tutoring jobs in a range of subjects.

It’s a flexible gig that you can do anywhere you have an internet connection.

Students submit requests for help, and you can choose the ones that you like.

  • Employee feedback: This company has some solid user ratings, though some tutors indicated they could not make a full-time salary. The vast majority of employee reviews seem positive, with frequent mentions about flexibility and pay rate.
  • Grade range of students: middle school, high school, and college
  • Minimum requirements: at least enrolled in a 4-year university program, preferably a Bachelor’s degree, plus two forms of identification to prove it.

4. Course Hero

Course Hero offers resources, textbooks, and homework help.

The “homework help” tutors break down problems into step-by-step explanations.

Instead of teaching through Course Hero, you hop on and answer student questions to get paid.

  • Employee feedback: Employees noted that pay relies on student ratings. For example, if a student rates your answer “not helpful,” you may not receive payment.
  • Grade range of students: High school and college
  • Minimum requirements: none

5. Elevate K-12

For people who want a regular gig, Elevate K-12 may be a good fit because you work with the same kids every week.

The hours are less flexible because you work the same schedule every week, but they are during normal school hours.

  • Employee feedback: Several users noted the professional development and coworkers as benefits of working with the company.
  • Grade range of students: Kindergarten through high school
  • Minimum requirements: live in the United States, have a Bachelor’s degree, and at least one year of teaching experience.

6. Instructional Connections

If you happen to be highly specialized in a field, you may qualify to work with Instructional Connections.

The company provides support for colleges and universities by providing online teaching assistants to support learning.

  • Employee feedback: It appears to be a mixed response that relies on the class you work with because so much depends on the instructor or professor you assist.
  • Grade range of students: College
  • Minimum requirements: at least a Master’s Degree and some teaching experience.

7. Preply

Preply serves students around the world in dozens of languages and more than 100 subjects.

You set your hourly rates and work hours and apply to postings by students seeking instruction.

  • Employee feedback: It’s highly rated by most employees because of flexibility, support, and growth opportunities. Just be prepared to hand over a portion of your pay to the company.
  • Grade range of students: Kindergarten and up
  • Minimum requirements: none, but you compete with other teachers for jobs, and many have college degrees or certifications.

8. PrepNow

PrepNow primarily offers tutoring for standardized tests and math and some additional subjects, including Biology and Chemistry.

The company provides training and support for continued improvement.

  • Employee feedback: PrepNow has several positive reviews, namely commending pay and flexibility.
  • Grade range of students: Kindergarten through high school
  • Minimum requirements: at least two years of relevant experience, meet minimum standardized test scores on the ACT or SAT, and a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited 4-year institution.

9. Revolution Prep

If you want more than a part-time, side-job experience, Revolution Prep could be a good fit for you.

It’s a commitment that delivers decent pay with an opportunity to earn bonuses and eventually full benefits.

The company also offers training to help you improve your skillset.

  • Employee feedback: It suggests that the experience varies, but there may be some issues with burnout. Several comments indicate that the company does well with training and expects things done their way.
  • Grade range of students: Middle school and high school
  • Minimum requirements: live in the US and have a Bachelor’s degree with some teaching experience.

10. Skooli

Skooli offers online tutoring jobs in a range of subjects, and the company has received a lot of press lately, including mentions by Forbes.

It makes use of video conferencing, online chat, and screen sharing, among other tools.

  • Employee feedback: There’s not much information available, but it is one of the higher paying platforms. However, the minimum requirements are more involved than other sites.
  • Grade range of students: K-12 and college-level courses
  • Minimum requirements: certified teacher with a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree

11. TutaPoint

TutaPoint provides live, virtual tutoring services using the company’s online platform.

You do one-on-one sessions or instant homework help.

Sessions run a minimum of one hour and can last up to two hours.

  • Employee feedback: This company appears to offer a middle-of-the-road experience for most employees. The pay is a little lower than other sites, but it is consistent.
  • Grade range of students: Kindergarten through college
  • Minimum requirements: live in the US, be enrolled in or a graduate of an accredited institution, and some subjects require at least two years of experience as a tutor or teacher.

12. TutorMe

TutorMe offers more than 300 subjects, including ACT and GRE tutoring.

It’s one of the most selective sites, so you want to make sure you hit all of the marks on your application.

TutorMe even offers professional-level courses and some language tutoring.

  • Employee feedback: The company seems to treat employees well and provides an excellent overall experience.
  • Grade range of students: Middle school and beyond
  • Minimum requirements: must be at least eighteen years old, demonstrate mastery of the subject you want to teach, have some tutoring or teaching experience, and a Facebook account to start the application process (it’s how they verify your identity).


This site is one of the older platforms available, and it’s linked to The Princeton Review. offers a reasonable selection of subjects to teach, including languages and AP testing.

  • Employee feedback: It may make a decent side gig if you don’t desire advancement opportunities.
  • Grade range of students: High school and college-level
  • Minimum requirements: need to be an expert in your subject, and some subjects require formal education. You also need to pass a subject test and a background check before starting.

14. Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors provides a range of services, including instant tutoring and mobile tutoring.

The company pays well and consistently, but they take a portion of your earnings as commission.

You can accept or decline jobs, but if you match with a student, you must deliver the full 1.5-hour session.

  • Employee feedback: Flexible and supportive are two words that come up frequently in employee reviews. Varsity Tutors seems to do a fair job of keeping employees happy and supporting their team.
  • Grade range of students: Elementary school through high school
  • Minimum requirements: a copy of your high school transcript, a video interview, and tests if you want to tutor in certain subjects.

15. Wyzant

Wyzant created a marketplace arrangement where students can request tutors for private lessons.

They offer more than 300 subjects, including test prep and music lessons.

Additionally, you can find in-person tutoring jobs if there are any available in your city.

  • Employee feedback: Wyzant is apparently a good place to work, especially for a side job. It’s noted to be flexible with fair pay.
  • Grade range of students: Elementary school and beyond
  • Minimum requirements: must live in the US and demonstrate knowledge by passing a multiple-choice quiz.

16. Yup

Are you a math guru? If so, Yup may be a good choice for you.

They offer tutoring in math up to the Calculus AB level.

Students can snap a picture of a problem and reach out for help on how to solve it.

The focus on Yup is teaching the framework for problem solving.

  • Employee feedback: Yup has loads of positive ratings from employees who view the platform as a viable side gig, and most love the culture and flexibility.
  • Grade range of students: 3rd through 12th grade
  • Minimum requirements: pass a math proficiency exam and complete a teaching exam that mimics a live tutoring session. Some subjects require two years of teaching experience.

Tutoring Companies That Teach People To Speak English

Have you thought about teaching English to people from other countries?

It’s a flexible gig for people who love to teach.

You need an internet connection, headset, microphone, and camera for all of these positions so that your students can see and hear you clearly.

1. Cambly

Cambly hires tutors to teach the English language to people of all ages.

The company has teams around the world, and you set your schedule to work as much or as little as you like.

  • Employee feedback: Reviews indicate that flexibility is the best reason to work with Cambly.
  • Age range of students: All ages
  • Minimum requirements: must be a Native English speaker.

2. EF Education First

EF Education First offers 25-minute one-on-one sessions with kids using the company’s online platform.

You set your hours, use your teaching style, and keep in touch with the kids’ parents about progress.

  • Employee feedback: Most reviews are good to excellent and tout the company as an option for a side job.
  • Age range of students: 5-14 years
  • Minimum requirements: must be a native English speaker in the US or UK, hold a Bachelor’s degree, and have a TEFL certification (but you can earn this quickly).

3. Landi English

Landi English provides a set curriculum for teachers to use.

You must commit to teaching at least twelve hours per week over three to four days.

  • Employee feedback: Rate of pay and the kids seemed to be positives in most reviews, but several mentioned the tough attendance policy and limited options for leave as a downside.
  • Age range of students: 5-10 years
  • Minimum requirements: must be a native English speaker with a neutral accent, possess a Bachelor’s degree and some type of teaching certification (TEFL, TESOL, etc).

4. Magic Ears

Teach English to Chinese children using the company’s online platform.

Instead of individual sessions, you teach a class of four students.

  • Employee feedback: There are several rave reviews about Magic Ears, mostly due to culture, pay, benefits, and work-life balance options.
  • Age range of students: 4-12 years
  • Minimum requirements: must be a native English speaker from the US or Canada, preferably with some teaching experience.

5. Qkids

This company offers 30-minute sessions for you to teach English to Chinese students.

Class sizes vary from one to four children.

  • Employee feedback: several state that it’s a great side gig for teachers with decent pay and flexibility.
  • Age range of students: 4-12 years
  • Minimum requirements: must reside in the US or Canada, enrolled in a 4-year accredited institution or possess a Bachelor’s degree, and have prior experience teaching or tutoring.

6. VIPKid

This company is one of the best-known English tutoring sites offering one-on-one sessions with kids in China.

You must commit to a six-month contract if accepted, but you have flexibility with your hours.

  • Employee feedback: generally positive feedback from employees, but many note it’s only suitable for part-time work.
  • Age range of students: 5-12 years
  • Minimum requirements: a Bachelor’s degree and a clean background check.

Final Thoughts on Tutoring Online

It’s unlikely that you will get rich off many of these platforms, but these are the best tutoring companies to work for.

They offer stable work, decent pay, and flexibility that many jobs don’t.

Before signing on to a company, do your research and make sure you are comfortable with the requirements.

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