Which Bill Do You Pay First Each Month?

A few days ago I came across an interesting article on the bill that most Americans pay first each month. Before disclosing this bill, I want to share my answer to this question.

While I currently do not have any problems paying my bills each month and have not for sometime (which I know is a blessing), there were times in the past when money was incredibly tight. So, I have been in the position where I had to decide which bills were getting paid and which ones were not going to get paid until the next month…if then. So, my answers have that kind of background.

For me, the first bill that I make sure is paid is the rent. This has always been the case because I definitely need a roof over my head, right?

Second bill I always pay? The electricity/water. No one needs to die of frostbite or have only spoiled food to eat just because they are a little short on cash this month.

Then, I pay the car payment and the credit cards and the student loans. But not until I’ve made sure that I have food to eat.

Apparently I am a bit unique in my way of thinking when it comes to the most important bills to pay each month.

The article notes that the auto payment is the one most Americans pay first. The next one? Nope, it is not the mortgage/rent. It is the credit cards! Coming in third (or last for this article’s purposes) is the payment to keep a roof over your head.

Reading that only leaves me with one thought – WTF is wrong with people?!

Maybe they are thinking that they can live in their car if they need to and gas it up using the credit cards? Regardless, I just do not get it.

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