Chilly Columbus Day Morning Money Reads

Today is the first chilly morning of Fall for me. And it’s extra chilly since I don’t have the gas turned on, which means no heat! This cold spell took me by surprise and it takes 3 business days to get the gas on….and it will be 80 degrees again by that point. I have the gas off because the place I am renting has a gas fireplace with a pilot light that never goes off. So, I am using gas even if the heat is not on. And the gas company charges me just over $10 a month for the privilege of billing me, so I turned it off for the summer to save on the monthly billing fee and the small gas usage. Guess that means I’ll just be drinking extra coffee for a couple of mornings!

While I’m trying to warm up, here are the money reads I’m checking out from this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance at Walking to Wealth, where my K-Cups post is mentioned.

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