Citibank Credit Cards Treat Car Payments As Cash Advances

I like to pay as many bills as possible with rewards credit cards as I like to travel and doing it for free (or at a low cost) is preferable. So, I recently got a new Citibank credit card that is linked to the American Airlines AAdvantage program. And, that card has a minimum spend requirement that you have to meet to get the bonus miles.

Well, my bank lets me make my car payments online by credit card and I always use a rewards credit card to do that. Last month, I used the new Citibank card for this purpose.

BIG mistake.

Citibank treated that car payment like a cash advance and charged me a $25.45 fee for the privilege of paying my car payment. Um, yeah, that sucks. And if I was going to carry the balance on that card, it would be at the higher cash advance rate. Evil. Just evil.

I’ve used other rewards credit cards to pay the car payment in the past and never gotten a fee like this. So, if you also do a little travel hacking like me, then you might want to keep this in mind if you get any Citibank branded credit cards.

Needless to say, this craptastic experience with Citibank has really put a sour taste in my mouth. But, I’m just thankful that it hasn’t happened with any of my other rewards credit cards.

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