Do Debt Collectors Have A Sixth Sense About Your Debt Payoff Plans?

With the exception of a brief period around 15 years ago, I never let bills go into collections. So, whenever I get a notice in the mail from a collection agency I already know that it is not really my debt. That thought is usually followed by annoyance at the fact that I will now have to take time out to go stand in line at the post office and pay the extra fee to send them a registered “I Know What You’re Up To and It Won’t Work With Me, Buddy” letter.

Over the past few years I have made several noble attempts to pay down (and pay off) all of the credit card balances. And I’m currently in the midst of one of those attempts…and I just got a collection notice in the mail. Then something dawned on me. Each time I’ve had to deal with these scumbags in recent years has been when I’ve been paying off credit cards.

Do they know that I have “extra” money and am paying off debt?

It sure seems like it.

Obviously the collection agencies have the capability to look at credit reports, so I think they may be watching for people who have a similar name or Social Security number to some of the debt that they own. Then a little light bulb goes off in their scumbag heads and they must think “Look! This person is paying off debt & cleaning up their credit. I bet they won’t want the ding of a collection notice on their credit report. Let’s send them one and see if they pay!”

That’s why I think they have some sort of sick sixth sense about when I’m paying off my credit cards.

I’ve tried looking online to see if anyone else has noticed the same thing, but there are so many people complaining about collection agencies online that it was difficult to muddle through it all. So, I’d love to know if you’ve noticed the same thing.


If you’ve recently received a collection notice as well, you can find some sample debt validation letters  at the bottom of this page. (no affiliation) These samples are a good place to start when crafting your own letter.

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