Using GasBuddy To Plan A Road Trip or Vacation

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I don’t drink or smoke. And I don’t spend a lot of time dining out at restaurants. Instead, I spend money on travel. Yes, I’m in debt and should not be spending money on anything but necessities….but that type of punishment would likely not actually result in paying off more debt. It’d likely make me depressed about life and result in me getting less work done and therefore earn less money and not have enough for bills. So, I work extra hard to meeting my goals for extra money to pay bills and extra money to take a trip every so often.

When I travel, it is usually by car. No matter the distance, this is my preferred method of travel. I mean, I can’t deny that it is awesome to be able to get somewhere 9 hours away in just 1.5 hours by plane, but I like being able to control my food options when I am hungry and such. In fact, I often travel with a cooler that has sandwich stuff in it so that I can eat food I like instead of fast food.

People often tell me that I should fly instead of drive because it is cheaper. This isn’t always the case though, especially when you factor in the money I save by taking my own food. However, when I am considering going on a trip, I check flight prices and the cost of a rental car at my destination (if I will need one there) and then I head on over to GasBuddy to compare the cost of gas. The GasBuddy trip calculator is an awesome way to determine your gas costs for a trip.

You just enter in your route and your car info and it can give you gas costs using real time prices. I also use it to budget how much I will need to save to make a particular trip in the future. Of course, gas prices fluctuate regularly so it is not completely accurate, but it is a great way to get a close estimate of your gasoline costs.

If I could just find a site that gives accurate information on toll road costs for a route (without having to visit multiple sites to try to figure it out), then I would have everything I need for planning a road trip!

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