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Getting Paid To Watch TV By The Nielsen Company

Sometime in October I got a phone call from the Nielsen company.

If that name sounds familiar to you, there is a reason.

This is the company that measures TV viewership in tons of homes across the United States.

And when you see the viewership ratings for a show, then you can probably bet that the data came from Nielsen.

See bottom of post for 2019 update!

Now, when I saw their name on the caller ID, I got very excited.

You see, I’ve always wanted to be a Nielsen family because it seems like all of my fave shows get cancelled early on.

On the call, I was asked about my household’s TV viewing and the number of TVs in the house.

It was a brief phone call that ended with the representative asking if I would like to record my household’s viewing habits for a single week for them.

Of course, I agreed and the rep then advised me that a package containing a viewing diary (for each TV) and $30 in cash for my time would be arriving in the next few weeks.

A few weeks later, I got a bright orange envelope with the viewing diaries and six crisp $5 bills.

Using the diaries was an easy process.

All you have to do is write down what you are watching at the time that you are watching it.

And if it is something from your DVR, then you have to also note when it originally aired.

Once the week is up, I just had to seal the diaries and send them back in.

And that was it.

So, all I had to do was watch TV as normal and record that I watched something. Not bad for a cool $30, huh?

If you see Nielsen pop up on your caller ID, then I highly suggest that you answer.

It just might make you $30 richer too!

February 2019 Update: Today I received a Nielsen TV survey in the mail addressed to the household at my address (so not specifically to me/my family, just to whoever is living at this address – and it’s not the same address I was at previously) and inside was a survey and two crisp $1 bills. 

The enclosed letter told me that if I fill out the survey by the deadline (two weeks) then I will receive five more dollars via the mail. So, now it appears that the rate for these surveys is $7 total.

Note: I do not work for Nielsen and cannot help you get paid by them. I was randomly selected for a one-time payment.

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      1. Big fan of tv and movies. Have over 900. TV and movie collection. Have seen a lot. Starting 1930 to today love watching tv and movie. Have lot of experience

  1. I’m retired, and I spend an average of 14 hours a day watching TV, varying from many of the available channels on Time Warner package . I would like very much to take part in the TV survey that you r organization puts on each year.

  2. I would love to do this!! I have filled out a survey for Nielsen once before, they sent me a survey along with $2.00 then a week after I sent it back they sent me $5.00 more!! I was very surprised to have gotten the other $5.00, I figured they sent the $2.00 to get me to fill it out then send it back…I really did not think I would get the other $5.00 I figured it was just another scam, I was really and truly not expecting the other money. Nielsen sent me the other $5.00 tho. I was simply amazed!!

  3. Nielsen is common, but….I do not think there is any money to be made, I did the diary (2 of them actually) a couple of weeks ago. I did the phone with questions about the people in my household and how many TV’s, etc. There was NOT $30.00!!! There was $5.00. (5 crisp $1.00 bills.) The only reason I did the diaries, was because I gave my word to the lady on the phone. You actually only keep the diary for roughly 1 week. That $ 5:00 is not worth the time and effort to keep up with 2 TV’s and the activity for both of them.

      1. They sent me $2.00 to fill out the survey this time but it use to be $6.00.. The great thing is I still got $30.00 for filling out the dairies for a week!!
        Sweet Deal!!!

  4. They use devices that you have to wear to record now. And you would not get paid this much any more, unfortunately.

  5. The amount of money goes up every tkme you fill one out i loved it the last one i got was the $30 survey and less than week after sending back that survey i recieved the $30 like promised

  6. I am doing my diary’s this week!! They sent me the information on Tuesday and my envelope had $30.00 cash it in the form of (Six) $5 dollar bills. I was so surprised I couldn’t believe it when I opened my information up and cash flew out. This is a really fun thing and I am really happy I answered the phone that night! I took my daughter out to dinner with the money Nielsen gave me….

  7. I will like to do this survey because I like watching TV and there fun to do I hope u send me one so I can do it I would really be thankful for filling it out have a wonderful day or night

  8. I am very interested in doing surveys by mail if you could send me the information I would greatly appreciate it thank you and have a very blessed day

  9. I do not remember getting a phone call; but I did get a diary in the mail recently along with four crisp one dollar bills and I am in the midst of filiing out my diary now.

  10. I do not remember getting a phone call but I did receive a diary in the mail recently along with four crisp one dollar bills. I am in the midst of filling out the diary now.

  11. I spend a lot of time watching TV as I am now retired. I’m interested in doing all surveys as I am always looking for any way to supplement my meager income..

  12. I filled out one diary like 5 years ago and they paid me $20. And now that I’m agreed to fill out 2 diaries they sent me $1 . Definitely no participating again.

  13. I randomly received their mail and surveys. At first it was few bucks for a simple form. Then it went up to $5 bucks. Last summer I was sent 4 booklets to complete for each family member and every booklets was worth $10. They actually mailed me a check for $40, not cash. I just received another booklet (diary) and this time they paid me six $5 bills so that was $30.

  14. I’m a stay at home mom and I watch tv throughout the day. Very interested in doing the tv dairy survey

  15. I participated in Feb.2018 Kept up with 2 TV’s and all I got for the survey was $2.00. I thought it would be a good way to earn a few extra dollars, but was not compensated. I will never do another survey for them again.

  16. I’m feeling out my last one of these things this isn’t the first or second one I’ve done but never got more than a few dollars so don’t think it’s a good way to make money

  17. Hello I would like to watch TV and do the survey through the mail…to make the extra cash so that I can save the money.up when ever I need the money…so please send me the survey through the.mail thanks…

  18. I love surveys especially when I give comments to what I watch. please send me the information how to start. thank you.

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