Your Health Is Not A Place For Frugality

Normally, I’d have read a bunch of really awesome blog posts and compiled my favorites in a Friday Finds post for today yesterday. But sometimes things don’t quite go as you plan, do they? You see, I had an unexpected visit to the emergency room this week that resulted in surgery for appendicitis and a stay in the hospital for monitoring.

The funny thing about this story (not really funny), is that I had the pain for a full day and a half before going to the ER. But my insurance deductible is $5500 and I know that ER visits are crazy expensive and I didn’t wanna go and up with it  being nothing wrong with me in the end. The waiting caused the appendicitis to get worse, which required a hospital stay instead of the normal going home a few hours after surgery. So, trying to save money is going to cost me substantially more.

But the real lesson here is that when it comes to your health, trying to save money is always a stupid move. I learned that if I’d waited too long that it could’ve resulted in a week long stay in the hospital, or worse – death!

You would think that getting this diagnosis would have stopped my momentary run of frugal stupidity. Instead, all I could think about were the three credit cards that I planned to pay off this month and that spending money at the hospital would derail that.

After my surgery, they offered me pain meds and I turned them down saying that the pain was bearable. It was…kind of…especially when I thought about how much those pain meds would cost me in the long run. But, it only takes so many times of waking up in pain to put some sense in your head and I called the nurse for some pain relief. After all, sleeping helps you heal and I couldn’t sleep if I was in pain.

Looking back now, I know that I was stupid. And the worst part is that I can afford my insurance deductible. I am very fortunate for that to be the case. So what if I can’t pay off those three credit cards this month. At least I’m not still in the hospital. And, at least I could afford to go there in the first place.

With that in mind, posting here will likely be a little off for the next few days. I’m quite weak from the surgery and I’m not certain that my writing is making any sense.

**I hope that this post is readable as I am still a bit loopy from pain meds!**

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