A Brief Introduction…

As someone who never got much education on personal finance, I have a made a lot of mistakes with my finances. Too many credit cards, private student loans, bankruptcy, using credit cards to pay other bills, and so on. It is a terrible financial cycle to get into and equally difficult to break. Breaking that cycle is where I am at right now.

Here at Money Misfit, you’ll find posts that catalog my attempts at going from one type of Money Misfit (stupid with money) to a different kind of misfit (stupid awesome with money). I don’t claim to have all the answers (so direct any questions to a finance professional), but I can tell you all about the money mistakes I’ve made 🙂

Currently (summer 2012), I have lots of debt (credit cards, car loan, student loans) and basically zero assets. I have a little in an IRA account and I rent, so that’s about it….

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