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How To Manifest Your Dream Job (In 3 Easy Steps!)

We have but one life to live and so if you are bored, unhappy, or otherwise frustrated with your current job or career, well, why not make a change?

We are in an era year of great and fantastic changes, with new opportunities popping up every day.

You just have to be willing to take that first step out of your old life and into new.

And if you have been searching for an opportunity to change careers, to start working towards your dream job, then this is it!

Now Is The Time To Make Your Dream Job into Your Real Job

Why now? Because now is a time of change.

Those of the boomer generation that have held careers in teaching, nursing, law enforcement, and other public services are gradually but consistently taking their benefits and signing up for their retirement years, opening the doors to new recruits.

If you’ve been wanting to make your hobby your career, then now is the time to get online and start advertising to the millions upon millions of people who are using their phones and computers every day for hours.

Or if you’re aiming for a better career in tech or software, then you likewise have the door open for you with so many online consumers.

If your dream career is being a chef or in a similar food service position, then what better time to take advantage of the emerging trends of delivery and other unique dining experiences that need new people, new ideas.

The doors are open, but it is up to you to recognize them as open and to take that first step out into new possibilities.

But that the first step can be the hardest — at least if you don’t know the best first trick to begin with.

That trick is manifestation or visualization.

How To Manifest Your Dream Job Right Now

The law of attraction states that through the power of positive thoughts, we can bring about positive experiences and changes in our life.

Although the inverse is likewise true, with negative thoughts bringing about negative experiences.

Many people dismiss this idea outright as ridiculous, but take a moment and consider whether or not it’s true that when you’re in a good mood, good things happen and when you’re in a sour mood, everything seems to go wrong.

For example, the upset teenager gets short with her mother who then revokes her privileges.

The teenager’s negative thoughts translate into their own negative actions which elicit a negative reaction by the mother.

But what if the teenager woke up differently?

Instead of acting short, the teenager chooses positive thoughts and actions, offers to take her sister to soccer practice.

The mother, proud of her teenager for taking on a greater responsibility rewards her with greater driving privileges.

In other words, our thoughts spur our actions and our actions spur others’ reactions to us.

By choosing to embrace positive thoughts, we lay the groundwork for us to follow those thoughts with positive habits and actions and when others see those positive actions, they are more apt to react positively with things we want, ie acknowledgment of our accomplishment and business or career support.

While sometimes the power of positive thought or manifestation can happen within a day or two, other times it may take much longer.

The important thing is to stick with it and understand that thought is only one aspect of this method.

You still must act.

Get started with manifesting your dream job today by following these key steps:

1. Show gratitude.

Gratitude has been strongly and very consistently linked to greater happiness and even greater health and so gratefulness should be practiced whenever possible.

But more important to the subject of this article, being grateful has been shown to improve your chances of success and opportunities — such as the opportunity of finding a new job.

Choose today to stop being resentful of what you don’t have or what you haven’t yet achieved, and instead re-focus your attention and energy on what you have and what you can do to achieve what you want.

2. Determine what you really want.

Sometimes what we think we want isn’t what we really need to be fulfilled or happy in a career.

Sometimes we focus on only one aspect and are blinded about the other things about the job or position that we won’t like.

For example, maybe you love the idea of being a hospital nurse because you want to help people, but nurses are often scheduled 12 hours a day and being up and on-task for that long is too exhausting for you.

So instead, maybe you should look at other types of medical careers that enable you to better set your hours, such as working for a private doctor’s office or doing a related career like massage therapy.

For this exercise, it’s a good idea to write down how much money you need and want to make, what hours you want, what type of tasks you most prefer doing, and what type of people you would be most happy working around.

3. Make a plan and make yourself open.

Once you have a better idea of what you want, really want out of your next career, the next step is to make a plan and set yourself up to being open for the next door that opens.

If you need additional education requirements or need to complete a certification program before applying for your dream job, then do it.


Start networking with others in your dream career and make it known to your social circles where you want to go and what you’re doing to get there.

Thoughts + Action = Manifestations

Manifestation isn’t just you sitting back and daydreaming about what you want to do.

Manifestation is about you being thoughtful about what you want, changing your internal thought processes to being more positive, and ensuring your positive, forward-momentum actions properly reflect your positive, forward-momentum thoughts.

When you combine positive thoughts and actions in this way, then the world becomes your oyster.

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