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How To Find Online Jobs With No Experience Needed

Working from home is an attractive concept to many people.

Remote jobs are becoming increasingly popular, and companies are learning to adapt.

Because of this, those trying to find an online job with no experience can find it daunting.

The internet is an unpredictable place, and that is no different when it comes to employment.

Before you head straight into a job forum with a vague idea of what you want to do, taking a step back can help.

You may need a job as soon as possible, but working from home is not so simple.

And it is doubtful that it will happen overnight.

Tips For Finding Online Jobs With No Experience Required

Before you jump into looking for online jobs with no experience, it is essential to set some realistic expectations.

You must keep some things in mind, especially if you want to avoid many of the hiccups people have when looking for work from home jobs.

Determine Your Skill Set

Having no experience does not mean that you do not have any skills.

If you take some time to consider what you are good at, it will be much easier to find something suitable.

For example, you may have a keen eye for picking out mistakes.

In this case, an online proofreading job – or even an editing gig – would be a great fit.

Try to think outside of the box, and maybe you will even find out something new about yourself.

Proceed with Caution

The internet is an incredible place, but at the same time, you should be wary of potential dishonesty.

Before signing up for anything, make sure that the site or service is a legitimate enterprise.

Do not hesitate to search for reviews or any online presence that suggests they are reputable and reliable. Unfortunately, some like to take advantage of less experienced users.

But sometimes, those users have no problem letting others know all about their experience.

If you see many reviews talking about questionable practices, it is best to steer clear.

Alternatively, not finding anything at all is also a red flag.

You want there to be some sort of established presence, even if the company is relatively new.

Use your judgment, but it is almost always better to be safe than sorry, especially when dealing with cyberspace.

Have Patience

Finding online jobs with no experience can take a little while.

Even when you find one, it may be a while before getting the first check.

Keeping your composure when things do not work out is vital.

Online work is unpredictable by nature, which can be discouraging, especially in the beginning.

It is invaluable to have a certain amount of conviction in the face of disappointment and frustration.

If you do not have enough motivation and self-discipline to see things through, work from home jobs will be even more challenging.

Working from home can be a dream come true, but if you rush into it or become impatient, it can be a nightmare.

After all, you are your own boss, and you have to answer to yourself at the end of the day.

Prepare to Work From Home

Work from home jobs are nothing like physical jobs.

You are in your comfort zone and usually do not have to deal with situations you would run into in other positions.

Because of this, it is a lot easier to let things slide.

While you should not be too hard on yourself, you must also hold yourself accountable.

Any lost time is lost income, especially with the nature of some jobs.

Besides setting up an office area to work, you should take the time to review the laws in your state regarding self-employment.

Some states require registration, and others don’t.

When you work from home, you are essentially running a business.

It somewhat depends on what job area you go into, but it is critical to make sure you do everything by the book.

Regardless, if you make enough profit from anything you do at home, there will be federal taxes.

Working from home is not easy, but it is gratifying.

It pays off to do the hard work even if it is intimidating, dull, or stressful.

It may take a long time to reach a point where you feel like things are in a good place, but everything falls into place when you do.

Top Work From Home Jobs That Require No Experience

There are so many ways to work from home that sifting through them all can be overwhelming.

Some of these jobs are more accessible than others.

Luckily, there is more than enough demand, especially for some roles, that it is just a matter of finding the right one.

Customer Service

A customer service role is a fundamental position in most businesses.

Without it, consumers would have a hard time providing feedback or asking questions.

With a low entry barrier, customer service jobs are popular and relatively straightforward.

Most of the time, a high school diploma and good communication skills are the minimum you need to bring to the table.

Customer service representatives answer questions and work with consumers to solve problems.

This work will mostly be over the phone, but you can always search for those that stick to e-mail or live chat.

Depending on the company, you may have to acquire certain supplies or meet hardware requirements, or even both.

Make sure there are no criteria that you cannot meet before applying.

Applying to customer service jobs is best done directly with the company rather than a third party.

That way, you know it is legitimate and that no one is cutting you out of the better deal that you deserve.

Virtual Assistant

Both businesses and solo entrepreneurs are often on the lookout for additional help.

As a virtual assistant, you handle tasks such as managing projects, administrative tasks, scheduling, online research, and more.

Many work from home jobs can give you tons of flexibility, and this is one of them.

Being a virtual assistant allows you to sharpen your problem-solving skills.

Virtual assistant jobs are plentiful, and some agencies work exclusively to pair them with clients.

Freelancing is another option, and you can choose the clients with which you want to work.


Proofreading requires extreme attention to detail and familiarity with grammar, spelling, and formatting problems.

Depending on the client, you could proofread anything from ebooks to an introduction page.

Some clients ask for or require basic editing skills, too.

There are many job opportunities and a lot of variety when it comes to proofreading.


With a requirement for excellent typing skills and hearing, transcription jobs can keep things interesting.

Many companies hire interested newbies, as long as they have high-speed internet access and a computer.

Speed is everything with transcription, so some companies require you to write at least 80 words per minute.

The less time it takes you to record what you hear, the more work you can take on

As long as you write quickly and often enough to justify the amount of effort you put into transcription, it can be an ideal career option.

See our guide on becoming a WFM transcriptionist.

Data Entry

While it can be challenging to find a legitimate data entry position, it is an incredibly beginner-friendly work from home job.

Fast typing is a must, as well as attention to detail.

Copying records, staring at spreadsheets, and updating databases may sound quite dull, but since you can do it in your pajamas, it cannot be all that bad.

Call Center

Call centers are everywhere, and working as a representative is another customer-service oriented online job.

Opening support tickets and collecting customer data are just a few things you could be doing.

There will probably be some training to teach you about the company, what you need to do, and how to do it.

This training is remote, and they will likely pay you for attending.

The more experience you get while working at a call center, the more experience you get to put on your resume.

This experience usually translates to higher pay, and everything looks up from there.

Content Moderation

Another detail-oriented online job is moderating social media activity for rule breakers and dealing with them accordingly.

Scroll through forums, social media pages, or reviews, keeping the company’s or platform’s guidelines in mind, and report or block those who do not.

Since this job is all about content, expect to go through tons of it in little time.

If you spend a lot of time on social media, putting in some work and getting paid can make it much more fulfilling.

Not having to interact with real people can be a big plus for some, too.

Game Testing

Many gamers would do anything for the chance to play video games for a living.

It is not that lofty of a goal, either.

Game testing is about trying to break the game, looking for bugs, glitches, and other issues.

Because of this, you will need to be attentive to any problems and remember how they happen.

It might not be all fun, but you still get to play games before release, which is pretty cool.

You do not need any experience for this entry-level work from home job, and you can do it at home or in person.

Website Testing

As long as you have a basic idea of website navigation, testing them can be an excellent way to start working from home.

You will need a microphone and webcam, too, so you can relay your thoughts after the test.

Since these website tasks are super easy ways to make money, you should expect a fair amount of competition in getting jobs.

Depending on the test, it can be helpful to have some programming skills as well.

Travel Consultant

Helping people see the world is easier than it seems.

Getting together with clients and helping them plan trips requires not just communication skills but research as well.

Finding fun things to do, learning about the destinations, arranging reservations or transportation, and even guidance on where to visit are just a few things you will do.

If you have a passion for traveling and the experience to go with it, this can be a fun way to work from home.

Micro Tasking

Side jobs are not just popular in the physical world, but the virtual one as well.

They will not pay as well as others, but the experience of working from home can be worth it.

Doing small tasks can help you to figure out further where else you may fit in.

Since you can pick and choose what piques your interest, you can test out how other paths work for you without the commitment.

Transcription, video processing, user experience research, and data verification are just a few different tasks you can try out.

Chat Agent

If you love customer service but would rather not have to use the phone, you might enjoy being a chat agent.

Not only is it an online job with no experience needed, but it is also one of the best ones out there.

Responding to questions in real-time and helping people work through problems might require a specific area of knowledge.

Even so, this is a very accessible option and is reasonably straightforward.

Survey Taking

When just getting started, it can be beneficial to spend some time taking surveys.

It can take some time to accrue enough money to find it worth it, but it bides the time while you try other opportunities.

Some survey sites let you play games, watch videos, and more.

Depending on your demographics, you will find many surveys wanting your particular opinions.

Social Media Managing

Social media is a fantastic way to connect, but sometimes, companies or entrepreneurs need some help.

With a lot on their plate, social media can fall to the wayside.

With knowledge of each platform and how things work, you can help create a social media marketing plan.

Managing social media when you are already on it so often seems just to make sense.

There is plenty of demand for social media managers, and they can end up being quite lucrative.


Sometimes requiring a formal degree, tutoring may be a great opportunity.

Whether it is children or adults, there are many in need of help with various fields.

A few programs do accept beginners, but you may need to verify your skills.

You can teach just about anything, especially if you get creative.

See our list of online tutoring companies here.

Search Engine Evaluation

Given a set of guidelines, search engine evaluators judge search results on many different levels.

The accuracy of these results, along with relevance and usefulness, are all taken into consideration.

Testing algorithms in this manner helps companies fine-tune their content for maximum visibility.

Additionally, it helps the search engine company determine if they need to make changes on their end.

Mystery Shopping

Getting paid to shop seems counterintuitive, but it makes perfect sense.

By posing as a shopper, you visit businesses or contact them to evaluate how well they operate.

While you can sign up to visit physical stores, you can opt for online or telephone as well.

Mystery shopping is an ideal online job with no experience for those with a high sense of awareness, communication skills, and strong writing and verbal skills.

This work from home job is one of the jobs you need to be sure they are a reputable company.

Where To Find Work From Home Jobs That Don’t Require Experience

If you have already taken a look at some of the available jobs, you might have found it overwhelming.

Many websites and companies want to hire remote workers.

Even the big job sites like Indeed and CareerBuilder have work from home jobs listed.

However, there is usually a significant amount of credentials needed for most of them.

As someone with no experience who wants to work from home, you will need to branch out.

Freelancer and Upwork are two platforms with all types of remote jobs.

They do take a portion of what you earn, however. Other sites like Fiverr let you offer your services to interested potential clients.

You can find some online jobs with no experience straight from some big companies.

Amazon even has a job board with micro-tasks from which you can choose.

Applying directly to specific companies may have a better outcome with certain jobs, but there is never a guarantee.

Most online jobs have members of the community willing to share their experiences and advice with newbies.

Some Twitter profiles even share freelancing jobs.

Start Working From Home

There are many ways to find work from home jobs.

Depending on the career, it can either be uncomplicated or impractical to find work, so keep an open mind about other options.

Being realistic includes having a backup plan.

For example, if you have worked in construction for years but are looking for a change, focus on your skills that may be less obvious.

Maybe you are great at working with people (customer service) or did well in certain subjects in school (tutoring).

Keep an open mind, and apply to as many applicable jobs as possible.

With patience and dedication, you can start working from home in no time!

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