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How To Provide Proof Of English Language Competency Lionbridge

If you’re applying for a work from home job with Lionbridge, then you probably noticed that they have an English language competency requirement.

And you have to provide proof of being competent in the English language to get hired.

Now, if you’re a native English speaker, then this requirement might be throwing you for a loop – especially if it’s the only language you speak.

So, how to you provide proof that you are fluent in English to Lionbridge?

Let us help you out with that.

Do Americans Need To Provide Proof?

If you are applying to a job with Lionbridge in the United States, you don’t really need to worry about this requirement.

All you have to do is upload your resume in English and complete the online application in English.

You won’t be asked to offer proof from English language proficiency because you are already expected to have it by being located in the USA.

Here’s what one American applicant said about this part of the application on the mothering forum:

I didn’t have to show proof of language competency. All I sent was my resume in WORD format. They were able to view it just fine, and they got back to me with the exam invitation right away. My resume is nothing impressive, so hearing back was very encouraging.

Non-Native English Speakers Need Proof Of Proficiency In English

When you apply for a job with Lionbridge outside of the United States, then English language competency is a requirement.

In fact, you have to prove your competency in the English language when you complete your online application.

Here’s what one application posted about this requirement on the babycenter forum:

I was filling out my application for Lionbridge, and on the “attachments page” it is asking me to upload my “Proof of English Language competency”.

What exactly is this? Did I somehow miss a form or a test that I need to do to upload and attach? I have been having a few issues this evening with their site, so I don’t know if my inability to figure this out is just due to technical difficulties or if I actually missed something.

So, how do you prove you’re competent in English if it’s not your native language?

You need to upload proof of passing language exams or getting a certificate or diploma that shows your competency.

General Requirements For Internet Assessor Job at Lionbridge

Here are the basic requires to work at Lionbridge as an Internet Assessor for Google.

To work as a personalized internet assessor, you must:

  • Be fluent in English and your local language, if you’re applying from a non-English speaking country
  • Be living in the country for which you are applying for the last 5 consecutive years.
  • Have a Gmail account
  • Be a daily user of Gmail and social media sites
  • Be comfortable working from home
  • Have a desktop/laptop and a smartphone (Android or iPhone) with a high-speed internet connection

Final Thoughts

As you can see, if you are a native English speaker in the United States (or United Kingdom), then you do not need to worry about this job requirement because it is assumed that you are proficient in the language.

However, if you are not a native English speaker, Lionbridge does require that you upload proof that you are competent in the language.

You will need proof, such as a certificate or proof of passing an internationally recognized language exam.

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