Can Saving $1 A Day Change Your Life?

Four quarters. Ten dimes. Five nickels and three quarters. One hundred pennies. No matter how you break it down, a dollar doesn’t really seem like that much money in the grand scheme of things. At some vending machines, you can’t even get a soda for a buck.

So, what if you were to save $1 a day – every single day? Would that have much of an impact? Could it even change your life?

That’s $365 saved in a single year.

Doesn’t really seem like a like changing amount, right?

When I look at that amount, I can easily think of a few different ways that this seemingly small amount could have quite the impact on my life.

How could saving $1 change your life?

At the end of one year, here is how saving $1 per day can change your life:

  • Cover the cost of 15 (almost) $25 gifts for birthdays or Christmas
  • Pay for car repairs or new tires without having to use a credit card
  • Take a cheap vacation (or at least cover airfare or hotels)
  • Make an extra car payment
  • Make extra debt payments

As you can see, that one dollar a day can have a positive impact on your debt. It can help you make some extra payments or help you avoid using a credit card for big expenses. More importantly, getting into the habit of saving daily means that your finances are changed for the better. And who knows what you can accomplish now!

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