Side Hustle Sunday: Paid Surveys

If you only need to make a little extra money from your side hustles, and you do not want to put in a ton of time on the project, then paid surveys offer exactly what you’re looking for. A few years ago, I used to do a lot of paid surveys as I had a cubicle job with a lot of down time that was perfect for it. That being said, the ROI on this is not great, but it is a fairly mindless activity that rewards you in the form of PayPal payments and gift cards.

There are a lot of different sites out that that pay you do to do surveys, and a lot that say they will but never do. Avoiding the scams takes some work. I find that looking at what other people are saying on forums is a good way to know if a paid survey company is legit.

If you want to get started looking for survey companies, this page gives you some guidance on getting started.

My two favorite places for paid surveys are e-rewards and MyPoints.

What I like about e-rewards is that they send me a ton of surveys to do. If you do not qualify for the survey then you earn a small amount of money, but the big money is when you qualify. As you accrue money, you can trade it in for other things. I like to cash mine in for hotel rewards points, but you can also use it on airline miles, magazines and a bunch of other stuff.

What I like about MyPoints is that there are point earning opportunities other than just the surveys. You get points for reading some of the emails that they send you, you can get points for playing games and you can get points for shopping through their links. And the best part is cashing in your points – there are tons of gift card options for you to choose from like restaurants,, hotels, airlines, department stores, and so much more. I once saved up for a new clothes dryer with Home Depot gift cards from MyPoints. Getting that dryer for free was a pretty great day.

The best part about doing these surveys online is that it doesn’t take a lot of time. In fact, I often do them while I am waiting for water to boil in the kitchen or during commercials while watching TV. It is so effortless and I get rewarded for it, which is pretty sweet.

If you’re looking for just a little extra money in the form of gift cards, then I definitely recommend this.

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  1. Sometimes even though filling out these surveys seems like doesn’t take a lot of time, sometimes I think if i accumulate the time I spending completing them and the money that I get, sometimes I don’t think it’s not worth it in the end. One website that gives a good pay is Mindswarms, but they don’t offer surveys that often.

    1. Yeah, I know more than once I’ve spent quite a bit of time on an e-rewards survey just for them to say that I don’t qualify for the survey, which means getting $0.05-$0.50 for the survey as opposed to $2 or more. That’s why I really try to do them only when I can’t do anything else or my brain is too fried for the day to do anything else.

      Thanks for the tip on Mindswarms! I’ll check it out today.

  2. Mindless money is a good term. Surveys are good for that 3pm slump when you need a bit of a break from thinking! Otherwise the effort isn’t really worth it for the returns you get.

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