Side Hustle Sunday: Writing For Textbroker

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Whenever I take a break during the work day, or when I’m chilling out with something on the TV in the background, I like to do some mindless writing for money.

Lately, I’ve been doing that writing on Textbroker.

If you’ve never heard of the site, it is a content site where anyone can place an order for content and pretty much anyone can fill it and get paid.

You do have to submit a sample article before you get started so that they can give you a writing level. Once you get your level, you can write any articles at, or below, that level.

Unfortunately, they pay is not all that great. However, most of the jobs are for a small word count and do not require a ton of research. So, it is pretty easy to do in a small amount of time.

The cool think about Textbroker is that you can get paid regularly from them via PayPal. I like to let the money accrue for a little while and then cash out the lump sum. Once I transfer the money to my checking account, I get to do a happy dance when I make an extra payment on my over-sized mountain of debt!

If you enjoy writing, I suggest that you give Textbroker a try as pretty much anyone can do it. You don’t even need a degree in writing!

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    1. Of the articles I’ve written there, I’d say 5-10% of them tell you where they’re being published. But, I’ve found that you can just search for the text and find most of the others 🙂

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