Stupid Money: Time Warner Cable’s SignatureHome

everything needs money why?

I use Time Warner Cable for my internet, cable and home phone service. Honestly, the internet is the only service that I need but the package deal has a price only $15 more than the cost of just the internet service. Anyways, that’s not the point.

The point, is TWC’s SignatureHome.

Twice now I have received a fancy-pants black envelope in the mail letting me know how I have been selected for this new, exclusive “unprecedented level of personal attention” from TWC. It offers me “priority access” to a “suite of premier products” and a “personal concierge.”

Wait, let’s all take a moment to get in a hearty laugh before I continue.

Okay. What else does this SignatureHome elite package get me?

  • advanced TV (whole house DVR and TWC TV app)
  • ultimate internet (home wifi)
  • home phone (caller ID & unlimited nationwide calling)

Wow, that is just so overly appealing I just don’t know what to do. Here’s why:

  • I only have one TV and it already has a DVR set up
  • I have no use for the app as I don’t have a tablet or smart phone
  • I already have home wifi
  • I already have caller ID and unlimited calling in my package

The best part of this “exclusive” service is the ridiculous price of $199.99.

TWC might first want to work on internet service that doesn’t repeatedly disconnect and not work before trying to hock such a stupid service. Or, include a monkey butler. If there was that, I’d so be in. Especially if he wore a little butler costume.

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