Top 5 GPS Apps For Your Phone Right Now

Being able to find a great GPS app on your phone can sometimes be a rough task. Especially with all the apps out there these days. I am here though to give you five of the top GPS apps that will hopefully help your next trip go a lot smoother.

First up we have Trail Link. Trail Link is an app that is known for helping find the best trails around. The app is said to be great for outdoor enthusiasts, but is also great for anyone that is looking for all those new trails out there to adventure. Provided by Rails-to-Conservancy, Trail Link is also powered by RTC’s expert trail database. This database provides hikers with unique trail functions for over 30,000 miles of their multi-use trails.

Next up on our list is GPS MyCity. GPS MyCity offers interesting travel stories and also insider tips on the places that you are planning to visit. Also, included in this app is different city maps and worldwide self-guided walking tours. Some of the main features of GPS MyCity is that there are thousands of trails to travel. Included in the app is also very detailed city maps that are offline for hundreds of cities worldwide. In my opinion, one of the best features in this app is the function that allows you to create your own self-guided walking tours. This is one app that is guaranteed to help guide you through your city so that you no longer have to worry about getting lost.

Now on our list we have Here WeGo. This is an app that allows you to navigate through your city effortlessly. With this app you are able to take your car, bike or public transportation to your destination. Here WeGo allows you to see everything about your route before you begin it. All the maps in this application is updated every two to three months. This is one app that is easy to navigate through. After you enter in your destination, Here WeGo then calculates the directions and the distance to your destination.

The second to last app that I have to discuss is Maps.Me. This app provides you with maps using open street map and lets you access them while being offline. Yury Melnichek, Alexander Zolotarev and Viktor Govako all three are the founders of the Maps.Me application. The app was able to of got its first 2.5M users worldwide thanks to the leadership of Alexander Zolotarev. Some of the best features of this app includes their offline map date, GPS support, map editor and many more features. The application was able to of came in first at the Startup Monthly application in Vilnius.

The final GPS application that I have to discuss is Google Maps. This app was able to be first released in September 2008. Some of the best features of this application includes its turn-by-turn navigation, its street view and its public transit information. In June of 2012 Google Maps privacy policy was changed. The app had now made it to where it was easier to be able to identify every users interaction within the app. The application has been estimated to of been downloaded over ten million times in the first two days of it being released.

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