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Which Types Of Translator Jobs Pay Best?

Do you want to work as a translator?

Are you looking for the highest paying translator jobs?

If you’re just starting out on your translator job search journey, then you’re probably having trouble with finding the best paying jobs.

The key to finding the most lucrative positions is knowing the different types of translators.

While you can work from home as a general translator, you can make a lot more money specializing in a specific industry.

In this post, we’ll discuss some general information about translators and show you the different types of translators (especially ones with excellent pay) as well as how to apply for these jobs.

Translators vs. Interpreters

Did you know that translators and interpreters aren’t the same?

While both job titles do seem interchangeable, they’re not.

The difference is translators deal with written language. Interpreters, on the other hand, work with spoken language.

So an interpreter is someone who translates words that are spoken.

While translators and interpreters involve different forms of communication, they both require you to speak different languages as well as understand the context of any given situation.

Yet they’re still very different.

An interpreter must interpret on the spot, which often requires them to research beforehand the content that’s going to be exchanged.

In contrast, a translator should have a strong writing background in the languages they’ll be working with.

What Are the Qualifications to Become a Professional Translator?

While there aren’t necessarily any set formal requirements to become a translator, you should be fluent in both reading and writing in more than one language before applying for a translation job.

Also, each job may have different requirements, although most will require some form of scholarly documentation to show that you have a background in language study.

Some jobs might also require a professional certificate and an oral or written test.

Having these credentials will help boost your chances of getting higher paying translation jobs.

Which Types of Translator Jobs Offer the Best Pay?

There are various types of translator jobs with high paying salaries and hourly rates.

Below are some of the highest paying translation job opportunities.

Medical Translator

Medical translators command higher salaries because they’re not just proficient in the languages they’re translating, but they’re also knowledgeable about different medical terminology and content.

Medical translators generally have to be fluent in two languages.

Plus, they must have great writing skills.

These types of translators make about $42,000 per year.

Localization Translator

Localization translators are relatively new to the field. That’s because they deal with translating software so that people who speak different languages can use it.

Even though software can be universal, it can be difficult for people to use it if they don’t speak the language it was written in.

That’s why localization translators are valuable to companies and command about $44,000 per year.

Literary Translator

Literary translators work with different types of literature, such as poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, and journals.

This translator job is so lucrative because it allows people who speak different languages around the world to enjoy literature.

Literary translators make an average of $47,000 per year.

Judiciary Translator

Judiciary translators work in the courtroom or judicial system.

They read and translate court documents into other languages.

One reason why judiciary translators make so much is that the job requires a high level of accuracy.

You also need the expertise to qualify for the job and be successful at it.

Judiciary translators must be familiar with legal jargon and have a general understanding of how the judicial system works.

So it helps to have a legal background if you want to become a judiciary translator.

It also pays to have good writing skills.

Judiciary translators make about $41,000 per year.

Where to Find High Paying Translator Jobs

If you’re looking for higher-paying translator jobs, you’ll likely need an educational background, an area of specialization (i.e. language, industry), and experience.

Companies and individual clients will be looking for translators who have the experience and expertise to translate documents efficiently and accurately.

There are various ways you can find high paying translator jobs.

Freelance Websites and Job Boards

Freelance sites like Guru and Upwork are great for freelancers who want to work for themselves and find their own translation clients.

On most freelance websites, you can set up an account for free.

These sites can help you attracts clients who are looking for translation services.

Higher paying translator jobs will usually require a portfolio.

So make sure you optimize your profile and portfolio to attract higher-paying clients.

Sites like World Lingo, Gengo, ProZ, Verbalize It, and Textmaster are freelance sites specifically for translators to find work.

Because the site is for translators, it puts you in a better position to find potential clients looking specifically for translators.

Translation Companies

There are a plethora of translation companies you can apply for that offer higher-paying gigs.

These companies include Tethras, Rev, Lionbridge, Pacific Interpreters, and many more.

When applying to these jobs, make sure your resume and cover letter are stellar.

The better these elements are, the more likely you’ll qualify for well-paying translation gigs.

Increasing Your Chances of Landing a High Paying Translator Job

While where you look is essential to finding a lucrative translator job, how you appear to recruiters and potential clients is crucial as well.

One way to become a more attractive candidate is to become proficient in high-demand language pairs.

Some of the language pairs that command the highest rates are Finnish to English, Japanese to English, and English to Arabic.

Pay will likely be more because there is a lack of language specialists available in these areas.


There’s a wide range of translator jobs available, but the best ones require an extensive background, skill, and expertise.

In addition to being proficient in more than one language, you must have knowledge of a particular industry and writing skills.

Once you’ve met these qualifications, you can enjoy the amazing pay of high-level transcription jobs.

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